Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Mission:

"We are dedicated to providing essential Town services through quality-driven, citizen-focused and fiscally responsible efforts."

Our Guiding Core Values:

The following values reflect our beliefs about the roles and responsibilities of our organization:

Service-Oriented - We understand the services we provide are the only justification for our existence and the value of the service depends on the quality of the individual's experience.

Professional - We uphold the high standards, skills, competence, and integrity of our individual position within the organization and community.

Accountable - We are responsive and transparent to the public in our roles, functions and actions as an organization and as individuals representing the Town.

Innovative - We are creative, learn from experience and results, and seek out new and efficient ways to solve problems and serve the public.

Results-Focused - We establish community driven goals, measure our performance, and report to the public on our success in meeting those goals.

Collaborative - We work together effectively as a team, and in collaboration with other governmental agencies, private entities and community partners.

Our Vision:

"In the spirit of Town government, Buchanan offers a thriving, attractive and safe community for living and doing business in the Fox Cities!"

Strategic Directives:

Directive #1: Strive for organizational excellence.

The Town of Buchanan is committed to making & implementing policy decisions in a manner that provides accountable, innovative and results-focused government.

Directive #2: Focus on improving and maintaining infrastructure.

The Town of Buchanan will plan, provide and maintain functionally appropriate, sustainable, accessible and high quality infrastructure and facilities to serve the needs of its citizens and serves as the foundation for a healthy economy.

Directive #3: Sustain strong fiscal health.

The Town of Buchanan will assure the efficient and responsible use of public funds for current and planned community needs. The Town will do this by seeking efficiencies in the delivery of operational services, maintaining a balanced relationship in financing capital improvements through utilization of current revenues and issuance of long term debt, maintaining healthy contingency reserves and effectively managing risks.

Directive #4: Support community & economic development.

The Town of Buchanan will encourage planned community & economic development to assure the quality of life and economic vitality of the entire community. The Town will accomplish this by managing development through the implementation of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Economic Development Strategy, enforcement of the Town’s zoning code, and compliance with county, State and federal requirements.

Directive #5: Safeguard public health, safety & welfare.

The Town of Buchanan will strive to protect the lives and property of our residents, visitors and taxpayers. The Town will accomplish this through the professional delivery of community policing, emergency medical services, fire & rescue operations, municipal code enforcement, building inspection and emergency management.