Law Enforcement

Town Deputies

The Town of Buchanan contracts with the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement. Four Deputies are devoted to serving the Town of Buchanan.  Deputies are also involved with school programs, the drug unit, snow/boat patrol, emergency response team and the dive team. Squad cars used by Town Deputies are marked for the Town of Buchanan.

The following Deputies serve the Town:

  • Deputy Brozewski
  • Deputy Burke
  • Deputy Hartjes
  • Deputy Janda
  • Deputy Lee
  • Deputy Quella

If you would like to speak directly with a Buchanan Deputy (non-emergency) please call the Town Hall or call the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department dispatch non-emergency number at (920) 832-5000 and ask to speak with a Buchanan Deputy.  FOR ALL EMERGENCIES DIAL 911. General inquiries can also be sent to  To submit an anonymous and confidential tip about any gang or narcotics activity call (920) 832-5629.

Deputies are devoted to serving the Town of Buchanan and welcome citizen input on law enforcement issues and concerns in the Town.

Excessive & Unnecessary Noise Variance Permits

The Town of Buchanan Excessive & Unnecessary Noise Ordinance requires permits for certain activities and events that generate noise. Any questions regarding the permiting process can be directed to the Town Clerk. Permit application forms are available at Town Hall and on the Forms page of this website. The following events/locations have valid variance permits which have been approved by the Town Board:


GameDay Sports Bar

2017 Dates:

May 27,28; July 1, 2 &3; Sept. 2,3

Time Permitted:

8pm - Midnight

Remember to Close Garage Doors

Town Deputies that observe garage doors left open after dark may result in a flyer being left for the homeowner. This program is used to encourage homeowners to keep garage doors closed to help prevent thefts and keep the community safe. Your contribution to the safety and security of the Town of Buchanan is very important. We appreciate your cooperation.

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Outagamie County Sheriff's Dept. is looking to expand the Neighborhood Watch Program in the Town of Buchanan. Neighborhood Watch Programs help neighbors to stay connected and allows the Sheriff's Dept. to advise and assist neighborhoods in becoming safer places to live. The program is very informal and the Sheriff's Dept.'s crime prevention officer will assist your neighborhood in establishing and orgainzing a program that is suited to your neighborhood. If you are interested in organizing a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood please contact the Outagamie County Sheriff's Dept. crime prevention office at (920) 832-5499.