Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services


Buchanan Fire & Rescue is a volunteer squad.  Members of Buchanan EMS Division include:

  • Lisa Van Schyndel, EMT, Division Chief
  • Jeff Hooyman, EMT Assistant Chief
  • Dan Jahr, Paramedic
  • Scott Lockhart, Emergency Medical Responder
  • Aaron Raschka, EMT
  • Steve Jahr, Paramedic
  • Jamie Newhouse, EMT
  • Matt Mader, EMT
  • William Mencel, EMT
  • Eugene Reese lll, EMT
  • Tyler Rusch, Emergency Medical Responder
  • Brian Regal, EMT
  • Ken Wiedenbauer, EMT-I

Helpful Hints for Emergencies

Please be sure to display your house number properly! In case of an emergency, it is important to have your house number on the front of your home. There is a County ordinance in place in which you could be fined up to $500 for not displaying your house number. The Town also has an ordinance that states each figure of the house number should be at least three inches in height and easy to read.

If you have called 911 for an emergency please have someone stand near the road side and turn on exterior lights if possible. This will help us to identify the emergency location sooner. Thank you!