Planning & Development

Planning & Development

See the Economic Development page in the left navigation for planning and development activities specific to economic development in the Town of Buchanan.

Town Plan Commission

The Town of Buchanan has a seven member Plan Commission. Meetings are regularly held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public. (Please be sure to check the posted agenda, because there are times when the meeting date could change.)

Download the 2019 Schedule for Plan Commission Items to review the submittal deadlines for the calendar year.

Plan Commission members include:

  • Ted Erdmann, Commission Chairperson
  • Mark McAndrews (Town Board Chairperson)
  • Chuck Kavanaugh (Town Board Supervisor Representative)
  • Jon Lamers
  • Michael Jensema
  • Joe Coenen

Land Division/Subdivision Ordinance

The Town of Buchanan adopted a Land Division/Subdivision ordinance effective 1/1/2009. Adoption of the ordinance was a key implementation item of the Buchanan Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2007. For forms related to the ordinance please go to the Forms page of this website.

Developing in the Town of Buchanan

The following checklists have been created to assist landowners and developers on permitting and approval processes in Buchanan. Please refer to the Forms section of the website for application forms, many of which include checklists and submittal requirements.

Town of Buchanan Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Buchanan has adopted a Comprehensive Plan. The plan was adopted by the Town Board on May 22, 2018. Comprehensive Plan Update 2040 is a document the Town will utilized to guide future development over the next 20 years. Comments or questions about the plan can be directed to the Town Administrator.

Click on the following links to view individual chapters of comprehensive plan.