Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

The Town of Buchanan has four parks including Town Hall Park, HIckory Park, Springfield Park and Community Park (Community Park is jointly owned with the Village/Town of Harrison).  For further information on these parks please see their individual pages at the left.

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2013-2017 Adopted

The Town of Buchanan has adopted a Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP).  The plan was adopted by the Town Board on December 18, 2012.  The CORP will help the Town in planning, maintaining and improving park and recreational facilities in the community.  Comments or questions about the plan can be directed to the Town Administrator.

Park Impact Fee - Assessment Study and Ordinance

The Town of Buchanan has adopted a Park Impact Fee Ordinance and public facilities needs assessment study. Park impact fees will be used to develop new park facilities in the future. Impact fees are only charged to new residential development in the Town. Fees collected are to be used only for capital purchases related to parks and recreation.  See the Town's Fees & Licenses Schedule for the park impact fee amount.