Pick Up Days

Garbage & Recycling Pick Up Days

All garbage collection will be delayed one day only on the holiday and the days that follow, during certain holiday weeks throughout the year. If the holiday falls on the weekend, your normal garbage day should not be affected. These are the holidays that will cause a delay: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If you are unsure of other holidays, please call Advanced Disposal at 1 (800) 279-1930. Also note that the delayed garbage holidays are not necessarily the same as the Town Hall office holidays.

Please find your street below to determine your garbage and recycling day:

Key: M = Monday; TU = Tuesday; W = Wednesday; TH = Thursday; F = Friday

Alex Dr = TU
Allison Dr = F
Andrea Ln =F
Anmarita Ct =TU
Aspen Ct =TH
Barberry Ln = W
Barney Ct = W
Beverlycrest Ct = F
Block Rd = SEE BELOW
Breezewood Dr = TU
Briarwood Dr = W
Brookhaven Ct = TU
Brookhaven Dr = TU
Brookmeadow Ct = TH
Brux Rd = TU
Buchanan Rd= TH
Caitlin Way = F
Camilia Ln = W
Candlelite = SEE BELOW
Cara Way = M
Carols Ln = M
Clancy-Lamers = F
Clover Downs Ct = W
Clune Rd = F
Colonial Ct = W
Coop Rd = M
Cornell Ct = M
Countryayre Ct = M
County Road CE = F
County Road GG = F
County Road HH = TH
County Road KK = F
County Road N = TU
County Road Q = F
County Road Z = F
County Road ZZ = F
Creekside Ct = M
Creekview Ln = M
Crestwood Ct = TU
Crooked Pine Ct = M
DeBruin Rd = TH
Don's Dr. = M
Duck-A-Way Ct = TU
Eagle Rd = F
Eastowne Ct = M
Eastowne Ln = M
Eimmerman Rd = F
Eisenhower Dr = M
Emons Rd = SEE BELOW
Erv Court = F
Falcon Ct = TH
Farmstead Dr = M
Feldkamp Rd = F
Fenceline Dr = M
Fieldside Ct =TH
Fieldside Ln =TH
Fontana Way =TH
Fox River Rd = F
Frontier Dr = W

Gales Ln = TU
Gentry Dr = W
Gillan Ct = W
Glenbrooke Ct = M
Golden Eagle Ct = TH
Greenspire Way = W
Haen Rd = F
Hank Dr = W
Harvard Ct = M
Hawks Nest Ln = F
Heartland Ct = M
Hickory Park Dr = W
Hillside Dr = W
Holly Ln = W
Hopfensperger Rd =W
Jacob Ct = F
Jan Ct = F
Jillian Ct = F
Juneberry Ct = W
Just About Ln = M
Kamkes Av = M
Kavanaugh Rd = F
Kebe Ct = TU
Kensington Dr = M
Killian Dr = F
Kilsdonk Ct = TH
Kingfisher Ct = TU
Lavender Ln = M
Liberty Ln = W
Loderbauer Rd = F
Maes Ct = F
Main St = M
Mapleridge Ct = TH
Mapleridge Dr = TH
Maplewood Ct = TU
Marcella St = M
Marie Claire Dr = M

Marion Av = SEE BELOW
Marsh Hawk Ct. = F
Martin Ln = TU
Meadowbreeze Ct = W
Meadow Ridge Tr = F
Mueller Ct = TH
Nackers Rd = F
New Rd = F
Newberry St = M
Northbrook C = M
Nottingham Rd = TH
Oakbrook Ct = TH
Oakmeadow Ct = TH
Oakridge Ct = TU
Oakridge Dr = TU
Outagamie Rd = F
Pelican Ln = F
Peters Rd = F
Pinecrest Bl = M
Pinecrest Ct = M
Pinewood Ct = M
Pioneer Ct = W
Powers Rd = F

Railroad St = M
Randys Ln = TU
Red Tail Ct = TH
Red Tail Ln = TH
Ridgebrook Ct = TH
Ridgefield Ct = W
Ridgeview Ct = TU
Ridgewood Ct = TU
Rogers Ln = TU
Rolling Acres Ct. = F
Ruby Ct = W

Ruys Ct. =  TH             
Sage Way = M
Saratoga Dr = W
Scarlett Way = M

Schmalz Cir = TU
Skyview Ct = W
Snowberry Dr = W
Sonny Ct = TU
Speel School Rd = M
Springfield Ct = M
Springfield Dr = M
St Germaine Ct = TH
State Park Rd = W
State Hwy 55 = F
Stillwater Tr = M
Stoney Brook Rd = M
Sunset View Cir = F
Tamarack Cir = TU
Tamarack Dr = TU
Thelosen Dr = TU
Therese Ct = TU
Thyme Way = M
Tree Line Ct = TH
Trumpet Ln = TU
Valleywood Ln = TH
Van Roy Rd = M
Van Handel Dr = W
Wedgewood Ct = W
Weiler Rd = F
Westowne Ct = M
Whitepine Dr = M
Whitetail Ridge Ct = TU
Widgeon Rd = F
Willow Crest Ct = TU
Woodly Rd = F
Woodstock Ln = M
Wundrow Ct = TU

W2240 to W2648 Block Rd = W
W2100 to W2225 Block Rd = TH
W2565 to W2590 Candlelite Way =W   
N250 to N365 Candlelite Way = TH
W2900 to W3175 Emons Rd = M
W2715 to W2899 Emons Rd = TU
N130 to N235 Marion Av = W
N245 to N410 Marion Av = TH