Drainage & Stormwater Management

Town Drainage Policy

The Town drainage ordinance & policy is used to guide decision makers and Town engineers in assisting residents with drainage concerns. The Town of Buchanan owns all roadway ditches and right-of-way areas adjacent local roads. By ordinance, property owners are responsible for general maintenance of these areas such as mowing, weed and brush removal. Any other changes to ditches by landowners must be approved by the Town. Property owners seeking to make alterations to a roadside ditch or other drainage way, must complete the ditch & right-of-way drainage improvement permit application found below.

Comprehensive Drainage Study

The Town of Buchanan completed a Comprehensive Drainage Study in 2011. Drainage (ditches) and stormwater issues have been identified by the Town Board as a priority issue. With the assistance of the Town Engineer, the Town's goal is to identify and implement long-term solutions to the drainage issues commonly reported by residents.  The Town Engineer has completed a ranking of potential projects using a ranking/evaluation system provided in the study.   For further information on the study or implementation contact the Town Administrator.

NR216 Stormwater Requirements

The Town of Buchanan is under regulations by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to reduce stormwater pollutants under its MS4 General Permit. These requirements detailed in the Wisconsin Administrative Code NR216.

The Town of Buchanan is also served by the Garners Creek Stormwater Utility.  The Garners Creek Storm Water Utility is a public entity that was created by the Town/Village of Harrison, Town of Buchanan, and Village of Combined Locks.  The purpose of the Utility is to reduce flooding, improve stream bank erosion and enhance water quality along Garners Creek and its tributary streams.

The following is some basic information about on-going or recently completed pond development projects in Buchanan:

  • Speedway Heights Pond: This pond is located in the Speedway Heights subdivision just west of the Wisconsin International Raceway. Pond construction was completed in the summer of 2010. Final landscaping will be completed in the coming years. The Town was successful in securing two grants for this project.
  • Main Street Pond: This pond was completed by the Garners Creek Storm Water Utility. It is located south of Emons road and just east of Main Street. The pond will include native prairie plantings and also includes an unpaved trail. The Town also has plans to construct a small park at this location.
  • Springfield Pond: The Springfield Pond was constructed by the Garners Creek Storm Water Utility. The pond is located west of Eisenhower Drive at Creekview Lane and will serve as a large regional pond. This pond was completed in coordination with the Buchanan Cottages development.
  • Regal Pond: Regal Pond is located behind the Marcus Theatres and converted an existing dry detention area to a wet pond.

Please note that ponds are not to be used for swimming or fishing and domestic animals are not allowed to enter the water.

Erosion Control

The Town of Buchanan is required to implement and enforce erosion control for new construction in the Town. Inspections are completed on these properties. For information on erosion control inspections click here: Erosion Control Inspection Reports.

The Town has adopted the same ordinance as Outagamie County for erosion control. Any complaints regarding erosion control can be made to Town Hall.

Annual Report to DNR

The Town of Buchanan is required to annually report on activities regarding compliance with NR216 to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

The report that was submitted for last year is provided below.

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

The Town of Buchanan has adopted an Illicit Discharge & Connection Ordinance to prevent and eliminate illicit discharges to the stormwater management system of the Town. Generally, the illicit discharge ordinance requires the following:

  • No discharging, spilling, or dumping of non-stormwater substances or materials.
  • Identifies non-stormwater discharges or flows that are not considered illicit discharges.
  • Establishes inspection, monitoring, sampling and enforcement authority.

Post Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance

The Town has adopted the same stormwater management ordinance as Outagamie County.

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