Special Events

Community Special Events

It is the goal of the Town of Buchanan to encourage and coordinate special community events, while regulating these events in a positive manner to ensure the health and safety of participants in the event, efficient management of municipal services, and the protection of public lands and facilities.

What Is A Special Event?

"Special Event" means any planned extraordinary occurrence requiring Town services on public right-of-way or public premises including, but not limited to, parades, processions, block parties, neighborhood rummage sales (10 or more participating sellers), festivals, athletic events, and events requiring extraordinary traffic control and/or street closures.

Permits & Fees

Special Event permits are required no later than forty-five (45) business days in advance for all special events. Permits do not include permission for temporary sales, alcohol sales or consumption, or other activities for which separate permits may be required. There must be designated an event organizer who shall be responsible for obtaining all of the necessary approvals and separate permits for activities taking place at the event.

Special Event Application Packet

Download the packet from our Forms section for more information and to complete a special event application.