Garbage & Recycling Collection Survey

Garbage & Recycling Collection 

The Town of Buchanan is considering the possibility of moving toward automated garbage & recycling collection services in 2018. There are a number of benefits to be gained by moving toward automated collection.  Benefits include cost savings over time, occupational health & safety, prolonging the life of the landfill through increases in recycling  and reducing litter in the Town.

What is automated trash and recycling collection?

Automated pickup is the most advanced collection system available today.  Automated collection is a system where waste is placed in a cart then emptied using a mechanical arm on the collection vehicle, instead of workers lifting and emptying cans or bags by hand. Automated collection service involves waste being picked up by one single driver per truck.

How would residential automated collection services work?

Each home will be supplied with one garbage and one recycling collection cart on wheels.  Carts would be set out the night before your collection day. Residents must ensure that the carts are set out in their proper location roadside and accessible by the automated collection vehicles.

What if the cart gets full before collection day?

National surveys indicate the 95-gallon cart is adequate for the average household. Each container would hold the equivalent of three (3) normal trash cans. It is important that you place all household garbage inside the garbage cart and recyclables inside the recycling cart so that the operator can utilize the mechanical arm to lift the container and empty it. 

Why change from the existing manual trash collection system?

Studies have found the automated collection system compared with the manual collection systems provide a safe and more attractive neighborhood and create a safe and healthy work environment for collection laborers. Due to the design of the cart, residents will find that they have less litter, odor and pest problems because the durable lid always remains on the cart. Also, automated carts are convenient, easy to roll, and extremely durable. 

Benefits of Automated Collection


  • Reduction in litter.
  • Reduced rodent and pest problems.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple trash cans and recycling bins.
  • No lifted heavy bags or cans.
  • Lids are attached to bins and will not blow away after collection.

Collection Workers:

  • Reduces the potential for workplace injury.
  • Increased efficiency allows more to be done in one shift.


  • Automated carts encourage more recycling; thus reducing amount of landfill waste.
  • Reduction in waste going to landfill reduces the volume of greenhouse gases produced.
  • Less collection truck traffic placing heavy loads on local streets.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Survey

Please complete this short survey to tell us your opinions about our current recycling and garbage collection services.  The Town of Buchanan is reviewing options which may include automated pick up with provided carts.  This information will help the Town of Buchanan to better develop and manage garbage and recycling collection services for our residents. Thank you.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Survey

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